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Hudson Transport was founded and started by Mr A.M Hudson in the early 1980's. The company which started out as a livestock carrier in it's early days, has since grown into a market leading, transport service provider for bulk; as well as packed goods and materials.

His son and name bearer, Mr A.M. Hudson took over in 2001 and the company which consisted of only 10 trucks at the time, has grown in leaps and bounds by the grace of God, reaching milestones one after the other and are still continuing to do so even more.




  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to do business in an ethical, fair and just manner by complying with all statutory requirements and regulations while setting higher standards in service delivery.


  • Vision Statement

    To be recognized and respected as the first choice in the road transport industry in South Africa and neighbouring countries.


  • Code of Conduct

    By working hard continuously, with integrity, honesty and respect as our foundation, to ensure the success of our mission while living up to our vision, and by doing so honouring God.

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